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Lou Reed - Philipshalle Dusseldorf 24. 04. 2000 (Rockpalast Special) (2000)

This DVD is an awesome high-quality, rare, digital PRO SHOT, PAL, 4/3 format DVD of Lou Reed. This rare DVD has a fantastic menu and artwork and features 136 minutes of Lou Reed playing some of best work. This is a must for all Lou Reed fans - don't miss out! (Eins Festival broadcast, Dusseldorf, Germany)
1) Paranoia Key Of E
2) Turn To Me
3) Modern Dance
4) Ecstasy
5) Small Town
6) Future Farmers Of America
7) Turning Time Around
8) Romeo Had Juliette
9) Riptide
10) Rock Minuet
11) Mystic Child
12) Mad
13) The Last Shot
14) Tatters
15) Set The Twilight Reeling
16) Dime Store Mystery
17) The Blue Mask
18) Egg Cream
19) Who Am I
20) Sweet Jane
21) Vicious
Lou Reed, vocals, guitar
Michael Rathke, guitar
Fernando Saunders, bass
Tony "Thunder" Smith, drums

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