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Small Faces - All Or Nothing, 1965-1968 (2009)

Small Faces - All Or Nothing, 1965-1968 (2009)Rock/Psychedelic Rock | DVD Video | DVD-5 + DVD-Rip | ~4.37 + 1.61 Gb | + Turbobit
DVD-5 -> MPEG2 PAL 4:3 (720x576) VBR | AC3, 2ch, 256Kbps
DVD-Rip -> DivX 5, 720x576 | MPEG Audio, 2ch, 48.0Khz, 192Kbps

At long last, the definitive official DVD for one of the greatest groups of the sixties (or any other decade for that matter). Small Faces: All Or Nothing 1965-1968 features 27 complete performances filmed from 1965 to 1968 when the band was challenging the Who, Kinks, Stones and Beatles for domination of the charts. The DVD captures every aspect of their short but brilliant career including early Mod/R&B classics such as 'What'cha Gonna Do About It', 'Sha La La La Lee' and 'All Or Nothing', timeless rockers like 'Tin Soldier' and later psychedelic masterpieces including 'Itchycoo Park', and 'Green Circles.' Best of all is the inclusion of nine songs from the band's masterpiece Ogden's Nut Gone Flake including 'Lazy Sunday', 'Song Of A Baker' and the six song 'Happiness Stan' suite. In between the performances original members Ian McLagan and Kenney Jones talk about the songs and tell the band's history in new interviews filmed exclusively for the DVD. Also interwoven into the story are archival interviews with Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane.

01. Whatcha Gonna Do About It
02. I’ve Got Mine
03. Sha La La La Lee
04. Plum Nellie/You Need Loving/Baby Please Don't Go
05. Hey Girl
06. All Or Nothing
07. I Can’t Make It
08. Tell Me (Have You Ever Seen Me)
09. My Way Of Giving
10. Talk To You
11. Here Come The Nice
12. Green Circles
13. Itchycoo Park
14. I’m Only Dreaming
15. Tin Soldier
16. Lazy Sunday
17. Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake
18. Song Of A Baker
19. Happiness Stan
20. Rollin’ Over
21. The Hungry Intruder
22. The Journey
23. Mad John
24. Happy Days Toy Town
25. The Universal
26. Credits


01. Hey Girl(Beat beat Beat 1996)
02. Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Beat beat Beat 1996)
03. Sha La La La Lee (Beat beat Beat 1996)
04. All Or Nothing/Interview/my Generation (Popside 1966)
05. Hey Girl (Popside 1966)
06. Last Filmed Interview with Ronnie Lane (1988)
07. Photo Gallery

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Small Faces - All Or Nothing - part 1
Small Faces - All Or Nothing - part 2
Small Faces - All Or Nothing - part 3

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Festival Express. 1970 *DVD 2004

Woodstock may have been a blast for its audience, but The Festival Express, a five-day rock tour in the summer of 1970 where artists like The Grateful Dead, The Band, Janis Joplin, and Buddy Guy traveled through Canada in a fully loaded locomotive, was where it was at for the artists.

Performed in the film

  • Don’t Ease Me In, Grateful Dead
  • Slippin’ and Slidin’”, The Band
  • Better Take Jesus’ Hand (“Jordan”), solo on the train by Jerry Garcia
  • Comin’ Home Baby, Mashmakhan
  • Money (That’s What I Want), Buddy Guy Blues Band
  • Lazy Day, The Flying Burrito Brothers
  • The Weight, The Band
  • Cry Baby, Janis Joplin
  • Ain’t No More Cane, jam session on train including Rick Danko, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir
  • Rock & Roll Is Here to Stay, Sha Na Na
  • New Speedway Boogie, Grateful Dead
  • C.C. Rider, Ian & Sylvia and the Great Speckled Bird (with Jerry Garcia and Delaney Bramlett)
  • I Shall Be Released, The Band
  • Tell Mama, Janis Joplin



2-DVD setによる映像集(J.Pageの少年時代~1972年)。
以降から解散までの後半映像はこちら  Vol.2

全てを照合してるわけではありませんが(ど変態ではないのでスルつもりも無く)、PARIS TV,Supershow,Beat Club,Royal Albert Hallモノ等、今となっては既にOfficial Release若しくは他Bootとして出回っている映像が含まれています。

Title :
       Led Zeppelin / Early Visions(The Best of Led Zeppelin Clips Volume one)
Location :
Label :
       Celebration CDVD003AB
Length :
       195 Min
       NTSC 4:3 MPEG-2
       LPCM / MPEG-1 or 2
Rating :

SetList:Disc 1

1. J.Page (Huw Wheldon Show BBC TV 1957)
画像 Mama Don't Want To Skiffle Anymore
It is a very beautiful image!!

2. Yardbirds featuring J.Page (Bouton Rouge, France TV 1967)
画像 Train Kept a Rollin'
 Dazed and Confused
 Goodnight Sweet Josefine
It is a excellent image.

3. Communication Breakdown (JAPANESE TV 1969)
画像From MTV re-broadcast that the film broadcast in 1969.
It is very clear ( It is the most beautiful in my having seen).

4. Dazed and Confused (Supershow Live at Stains, England March 25, 1969)

5. Danish TV (1969)
画像 Communication Breakdown
 Dazed and Confused
 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
 How Many More Times
It is an excellent image.
(This is beautiful No. 1, while being put on the market until now) It is
regrettable that the picture is behind sound for about one second.

6. Tous En Scene (PARIS TV 1969)
画像 Communication Breakdown
 Dazed and Confused

7. Whole Lotta Love (Germany promotion Beat Club 1969)

8. Texas International Pop Festival 16mm (1969)
画像 You Shook Me
 Dazed and Confused
 How Many More Times

9. Royal Albert Hall alternate version (1970)
画像 We're Gonna Groove
 I Can't Quit You
 Communication Breakdown
 Long Tall Sally / Move On Down The Line / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
 Something Else
 I Can't Quit You
It is very regrettable that the image is carrying out
right-and-left reversal from the middle.

SetList:Disc 2

1. Royal Albert Hall (1970)
画像 We're Gonna Groove
 I Can't Quit You
 White Summer / Black Mountain Side
 Whole Lotta Love
 Communication Breakdown
 C'mon Everybody
 Long Tall Sally
It is very clear color ( It is the most beautiful in my having seen).
The sound is super excellent soundboard !! It's Great !!

2. J.Page (Julie Felix Show 1970)
画像 White Summer / Black Mountain Side
An image is not so good.

3. Honolulu 8mm (1970)
画像 Immigrant Song
 Communication Breakdown
An image and sound are not correct at all.
But, the sound of an excellent audience of those days is reproduced.

4. J.Page and R.Plant (NY City press conference 1970)
画像It is very clear color.
The background sound is Bring It On Home.

5. Montreux footages 8mm (1971)
画像It's very clear color film.
The appearance of the fan who waits for commencement of a performance,
and the situation of a member's dressing room are stored.

6. Los Angeles 8mm (INGLEWOOD FORUM 1971)
画像It's great!!
The following music is live recording from audience of those days.

7. Sydney (Feb 27, 1972)
画像 Whole Lotta Love
 rock and Roll
 Let's Have a Party
 (Press Party Interview in Sydney)

8. Amsterdam 8mm (Hard Rock Heaven 1972)
画像 Immigrant Song
It is very clear ( It is the most beautiful in my having seen).
Of course, It is better than Visualize vol.1 (by Tarantura VTR).

9. San Bernardino 8mm (June 22, 1972)
画像 Heartbreaker
 Stairway to Heaven
 Dazed and Confused
 Rock and Roll
A color image and sound are audience recording of those days.

Jimmy Page guitar
Robert Plant vocals
John Paul Jones bass
John Bonham drums

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Syd Barrett - An Introduction to Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett: An Introduction to Syd Barrett
iTunes LP | m4a 320kbps | HQ Covers + Libretto | 3 CD | 900 MB
Progressive Rock

There have been a number of Syd Barrett compilations but, remarkably, 2010’s An Introduction to Syd Barrett is the first to combine Pink Floyd material with his solo recordings, so it truly provides an introduction in a way no previous collection has. It’s possible to quibble that there are a few Floyd songs that should have made it here -- mostly selections from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, including “Astronomy Domine” and “Lucifer Sam,” but this favors the non-LP early singles “Arnold Layne,” “See Emily Play,” and “Apples and Oranges,” which do point the way toward such solo cuts as “Octopus,” “Baby Lemonade,” “Terrapin,” “Gigolo Aunt,” and “Effervescing Elephant,” all present and accounted for here. Some may also quibble about inclusions of new mixes for “Here I Go," “Octopus,” “She Took a Long Cool Look,” “Dominoes,” and “Matilda Mother,” preferring the original mixes, but these new mixes don’t call attention to themselves nor do they detract from the first disc to provide a strong, concise introduction to Barrett’s twisted genius.
To many fans, the words "Pink Floyd" evoke first the classic prism of Dark Side of the Moon, then the great warring egos of Roger Waters and David Gilmour. If there were any justice, the brilliant madness of Syd Barrett should come somewhere in between. Too many times his work has served as little more than a sad footnote in rock history, and perhaps this new compilation will change that.
For the uninitiated, Barrett was the original frontman for Pink Floyd and held lead writing duties for their debut, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Stories are conflicting as to the exact nature of the conflict, but by the release of their second album his erratic behaviour lead him to be expelled from the band. An Introduction To... is unique among the handful of Barrett retrospectives in that it collects material from his Floyd-era work as well as from his solo albums Madcap Laughs and Barrett. The hardcore will probably balk at some of the omissions to the track list ("Golden Hair" and "Interstellar Overdrive" in particular), but for the most part it contains his best work, with a particular focus on his vocals. Listening to the collection from start to finish is an illuminating experience, the chronological listing charts his transition from rock hero to enigmatic and darkly comic singer, and this is the album's biggest strength.
For its biggest weakness, look no further than the album cover. This collection has the unusual title of "Executive Producer: David Gilmour" stuck the front of it, and while this might help attract fans of Gilmour's solo work it will almost certainly discourage everyone else. This isn't to say that he did a bad job, far from it, the remastered version of "Arnold Layne" and new stereo mix of "Apples and Oranges" are both excellent, and if the Piper 40th anniversary collection didn't exist (and if you're at all a Pink Floyd fan that is a must-own) then those would almost be worth the sticker price alone. The problem is that while the lush, slick production Gilmour is famous for works in the context of the Floyd songs, it seems unnecessary, even inappropriate when applied to Barrett's solo work. His two albums are the very antithesis of the bloated, overproduced mess that Floyd became, and part of the joy of listening to Syd Barrett is the rough edges.
Video An Introduction to Syd Barrett - iTunes LP
1 Arnold Layne 2:54
2 See Emily Play 2:52
3 Apples and Oranges 3:04
4 Matilda Mother (Alternative Version) [2010 Mix] 3:58
5 Chapter 24 3:39
6 Bike 3:22
7 Terrapin 5:03
8 Love You 2:26
9 Dark Globe 1:59
10 Here I Go (2010 Remix) 3:19
11 Octopus (2010 Mix) 3:54
12 She Took a Long Cool Look (2010 Mix) 1:47
13 If It's In You 2:24
14 Baby Lemonade 4:08
15 Dominoes (2010 Mix) 4:05
16 Gigolo Aunt 5:43
17 Effervescing Elephant 1:52
18 Bob Dylan Blues 3:09
19 Rhamadan (2010 Mix) 20:09

Part 1
Part 2
Part 1
Part 2


Amy Winehouse - A Last Goodbye (2011)

Amy Winehouse - A Last Goodbye (2011)DVD-5 | Runtime: 71 min. | 3,60 Gb | Copy: Untouched
Video: PAL, MPEG Video at 5 424 Kbps, 720 x 576 (1.778) at 25.000 fps | Audio: PCM at 1 536 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz
Genre: R&B, Soul | Label: Imc Vision

'A Last Goodbye' is an intimate look into the life and times of Amy Winehouse. This in depth programme chronicles her rise to pop superstardom and also offers a sensitive portrayal of a transformative star and the inner demons that inspired her work and eventually caused her untimely death. Her battle with addiction and her courtship with self destruction were well documented through the press. Even her troubled relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil was played out in front of British media. But despite this backdrop Amy Winehouse will be remembered for her unique song writing style fusing R & B, soul and jazz influences sang through a powerful deep contralto vocal. The 'Back to Black' album symbolised her huge success at this time which led to an astonishing 5 Grammy Awards, 'the most wins by a female artist in a single night'. This insightful programme is a definitive testimonial to an incredible music icon covering the start of her career up until her death.

Amy Winehouse - much can be said about the late Amy Winehouse, one of the U.K.'s flagship vocalists during the 2000s. The British press and tabloids seemed to focus on her rowdy behavior, heavy consumption of alcohol, and tragic end, but fans and critics alike embraced her rugged charm, brash sense of humor, and distinctively soulful and jazzy vocals. Her platinum-selling breakthrough album, Frank (2003), elicited comparisons ranging from Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan to Macy Gray and Lauryn Hill. Interestingly enough, despite her strong cockney accent and vernacular, one can often hear aspects of each of those singers' vocal repertoire in Winehouse's own voice. Nonetheless, her allure had always been her songwriting -- almost always deeply personal but best known for its profanity and brutal candor.

Born to a taxi-driving father and a pharmacist mother, Winehouse grew up in the Southgate area of northern London. Her upbringing was surrounded by jazz. Many of the uncles on her mother's side were professional jazz musicians, and even her paternal grandmother was romantically involved with British jazz legend Ronnie Scott at one time. While at home, she listened to and absorbed her parents' selection of greats: Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra among others. However, in her teens, she was drawn to the rebellious spirit of TLC, Salt-N-Pepa, and other American R&B and hip-hop acts of the time. At the age of 16, after she had been expelled from London's Sylvia Young Theatre School, she caught her first break when pop singer Tyler James, a schoolmate and close friend, passed on her demo tape to his A&R, who was searching for a jazz vocalist.

That opportunity led to her recording contract with Island Records. By the end of 2003, when she was 20 years old, Island had released her debut album, Frank. With contributions from hip-hop producer/keyboardist Salaam Remi, Winehouse's amalgam of jazz, pop, soul, and hip-hop received rave reviews. The album was nominated for the 2004 Mercury Music Prize as well as two Brit awards, and its lead single, "Stronger Than Me," won an Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song.

Following Winehouse's debut, the accolades and inquiring interviews appeared concurrently in the press with her tempestuous public life. Several times she showed up to her club or TV performances too drunk to sing a whole set. In 2006, her management company finally suggested that she enter rehab for alcohol abuse, but instead, she dumped the company and transcribed the ordeal into the U.K. Top Ten hit "Rehab," the lead single for her second, critically acclaimed album, Back to Black. Containing evocative productions from Salaam Remi and British DJ/multi-instrumentalist Mark Ronson, the album somewhat abandoned jazz, delving into the sounds of '50s/'60s-era girl group harmonies, rock & roll, and soul. The fanfare over the release was so great that it started to spill over onto U.S. shores; several rappers and DJs made their own remixes of various songs, not to mention covers by Prince and the Arctic Monkeys.

One month after Winehouse won Best Female Artist at the Brit Awards in February 2007, Universal released Back to Black in the U.S. The LP charted higher than any other American debut by a British female recording artist before it, and it remained in the Top Ten for several months, selling a million copies by the end of that summer. Just as in the U.K., she became the talk of the town, landing on the covers of Rolling Stone and Spin magazines. Not long afterward, though, Winehouse canceled her North American tour. Early reports revealed that she was entering rehab for alcohol and drug addiction, but her new management denied the claims, stating it was due to severe exhaustion. Her erratic behavior kept her and her new husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, in the tabloids constantly, and on and off stages on both sides of the Atlantic, but in late 2007, American fans were finally given a chance to hear Winehouse's early work, with a slightly abbreviated (two songs removed and one added) version of Frank.

The next few years would be filled with drama, disappointment, and very little music. By 2009, her marriage had ended in divorce, she had repeatedly been arrested on assault charges and/or public order offenses, and her struggles with substance abuse and mental health issues tragically played out in the press. Public performances had turned into incoherent disasters, the worst of them posted to video sharing sites for all to see. A track on the Quincy Jones tribute Q: Soul Bossa Nostra would appear in 2010, while a duet with Tony Bennett was announced in early 2011, but a planned follow-up to Back to Black would never make it past the demo stage. Winehouse was found dead in her Camden, London apartment on July 23, 2011. An investigation to determine the cause of death was announced soon after.

01. Rehab
02. Back To Black
03. Tears Dry On Their Own
04. Valerie
05. Stronger Than Me
06. Love Is A Losing
07. Take The Box
08. Monkey Man
09. Me & Mr Jones