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Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Abbatoir Blues Tour (2007)

DVD 1: LIVE AT BRIXTON ACADEMY 11 NOV 200401. Hiding All Away (Live At Brixton Academy)
02. Messiah Ward (Live At Brixton Academy)
03. Easy Money (Live At Brixton Academy)
04. Supernaturally (Live At Brixton Academy)
05. The Lyre of Orpheus (Live At Brixton Academy)
06. Babe, You Turn Me On (Live At Brixton Academy)
07. Nature Boy (Live At Brixton Academy) 8. Get Ready For Love (Live At Brixton Academy)
09. Carry Me (Live At Brixton Academy)
10. There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Live At Brixton Academy)
11. God is in The House (Live At Brixton Academy)
12. Red Right Hand (Live At Brixton Academy)
13. The Ship Song (Live At Brixton Academy)
14. Stagger Lee (Live At Brixton Academy)

01. Wonderful Life (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
02. Nobody’s Baby Now (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
03. Bring it On (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
04. Sad Waters (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
05. Watching Alice (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
06. Christina the Astonishing (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
07. Wild World (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
08. The "Bring it On" Shoot (Short Film)
09. Bring it On (Promotional Video)
10. Babe, I’m on Fire (Promotional Video)
11. Nature Boy (Promotional Video)
12. Breathless (Promotional Video)
13. Get Ready For Love (Promotional Video)
14. Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus EPK
15. Wonderful Life (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
16. Nobody’s Baby Now (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
17. Bring it On (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
18. Sad Waters (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
19. Watching Alice (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
20. Christina the Astonishing (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)
21. Wild World (Live At Hammersmith Apollo)

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Neil Young - Like A Rolling Stone (2010)

01. Intro
02. Like A Buffalo
03. The Loner
04. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
05. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
06. After the Goldrush
07. Harvest
08. Time Fades Away
09. On The Beach
10. Tonight`s The Night
11. Zuma

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Neil Young - Like A Rolling Stone (2010)DVD-5 | Runtime: 88 min. | 4,16 GB | Copy: Untouched
Video: NTSC, MPEG-2, 720 x 480 (1.333) at 29.970 fps fps | Audio: AC-3 at 192 Kbps, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz
Genre: Rock, Folk Rock | Label: Silver & Gold | Covers: Full Scan

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon (1983) (1986, Japanese 32DP 418)(RE-UPLOAD)

1. Bark At The Moon - 4:18
2. You're No Different - 5:02
3. Now You See It (Now You Don't) - 5:06
4. Rock 'n Roll Rebel - 5:29
5. Centre Of Eternity - 5:24
6. So Tired - 3:59
7. Slow Down - 4:19
8. Waiting For Darkness - 5:16• Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
• Jake "E" Lee - guitar and backin vocals
• Bob Daisley - bass and backin vocals
• Tommy Aldridge - drums
• Don Airey - keyboards

Produced by Osbourne/Daisley/Norman. Mixed by Tony Bongiovi at Power Sation, New York.
Engineered by Max Norman. Recorded at Ridge Farm Studios, Surrey, England.

All songs written by Ozzy Osbourne.

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Birth Control - Live (1974)

Tracklist:01. The Work Is Done
02. Back From Hell
03. Gamma Ray
04. She's Got Nothing On You
05. Long Tall Sally

Total time: 01:10:29



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Grant Green - Reaching Out (1961)

1. Reaching Out [take 4] (5:23)
2. Our Miss Brooks [take 4] (6:49)
3. A Flick of a Trick [take 1] (7:51)
4. One for Elena [take 5] (6:09)
5. Baby, You Should Know It [take 3] (9:14)
6. Falling in Love With Love [take 1] (5:26)
7. Reaching Out (6:50)
8. Our Miss Brooks (10:14)
9. One for Elena (7:52)

Grant Green, guitar
Frank Haynes, tenor sax
Billy Gardner, piano
Ben Tucker, bass
Dave Bailey, drums
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King Crimson: Absent Lovers [Live In Montreal]

This was taken from the final night of their 1984 tour and would subsequently be King Crimson's last performance until the THRAK warm-up shows in Argentina ten years later.

Line Up:
Robert Fripp - guitar
Adrian Belew - guitar, drums vocals
Tony Levin - bass guitar, Chapman stick, synthesizer, vocals
Bill Bruford - drums, percussion

Track listing

CD 1

01. Entry Of The Crims (6:27)
02. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part 3) (5:05)
03. Thela Hun Ginjeet (7:08)
04. Red (5:50)
05. Matte Kudasai (3:46)
06. Industry (7:31)
07. Dig Me (3:59)
08. Three Of A Perfect Pair (4:31)
09. Indiscipline (8:09)

CD 2

01. Sartori In Tangier (4:40)
02. Frame By Frame (3:58)
03. Man With An Open Heart (3:45)
04. Waiting Man (6:26)
05. Sleepless (6:08)
06. Larks' Tongues In Aspic (part 2) (7:56)
07. Discipline (5:03)
08. Heartbeat (5:15)
09. Elephant Talk (8:55)

Mirror MU 1 Mirror MU 2

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A1 - Home From The Forest

A2 - It's Alright

A3 - Long Black Veil

A4 - Black Sheep Boy

A5 - Early Morning Rain

A6 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken

B1 - Lady From Baltimore

B2 - I Still Miss Someone

B3 - Reason To Believe

B4 - Rich Man's Spiritual

B5 - Girl From North Country


Vinyl rip. Covers, labels

Saunders King - What's Your Story, Morning Glory

Pioneering R&B guitarist Saunders King had his first hit in 1942 with "S.K. Blues." King was a preacher's son who sang gospel in his father's church in Oakland. He learned piano, banjo and ukulele. In 1938 he began playing guitar and wound up singing with the Southern Harmony Four for an NBC radio station in San Francisco. He soon developed his passion for blues and "S.K. Blues" was an enormous hit. It also features one of the earliest examples of electric blues guitar, the style for which T-Bone Walker would soon be famous. King recorded for the Aladdin, Modern, and Rhythm labels. He may have made a greater impact in the burgeoning West Coast blues scene of the '40s but was saddled with numerous personal problems including the suicide of his wife in 1942, a serious wound from a .45-caliber pistol fired by his landlord in 1946, and his serving time at San Quentin prison for heroin possession. King retired from music in 1961 and dedicated time to the church. In 1979, he briefly came out of retirement to play on his son-in-law Carlos Santana's Oneness album. By 1999 he had suffered a stroke that partially paralyzed him. He passed away on August 31, 2000 at his Oakland home. He was 91.

Clarence "Guitar" Sims - Born To Sing The Blues

A firstclass showcase for the uncompromising guitarist ... a load of steaming blues spotlighting Clarence 'Guitar' Sims (Fillmore Slim) intense, high-pitched vocals and slicing, stinging lead guitar (sporting tinges of Johnny 'Guitar' Watson, Guitar Slim, and the ever popular B.B. and Albert King). Originally recorded in 1987 at the Eli Mile High Club in Oakland, California.
The lp has been re-released with extra tracks.

Post: http://www.mediafire.com/?qa58ejbgu9mjumx

Buddy Guy - The Dollar Done Fell

Countless legions of blues fans around the world can attest to the greatness of Buddy Guy. If you're a fan that has listened to Buddy's recordings, but have never got to see him live and in person you've been deprived of the "other-worldly" charisma and bond that Buddy magically creates with his audience. Many talented musicians can play, but they don't interact with the crowd. Some don't even open their eyes half the time, and believe it or not, though they like to play, they'd rather play in a recording studio without an audience. Not so for Mr. Buddy Guy! He is not only an unmatched blues singer and guitar player, but he is also an unrivaled entertainer. He paces and prowls from one end of the stage to the next like a caged lion. He constantly makes eye contact with his fans and you feel his inner most emotions. This LP was recorded at Buddy's own Southside Chicago Club in 1979 which was intimate to say the least as compared to today's large venues. If you ever wished you could go back in time to be part of a blues experience, that today you could only see recreated in the movies, Buddy's performance on this LP would be center stage. Buddy's raw live performance encompasses 9 songs totaling just under 60 minutes. Throughout the show you can hear individual shrieking fans invigorated by Buddy's gripping blues performance. In summary, this LP proves that my Grandfather was right when he used to tell me: "THE BEST KIND OF BUDDY TO HAVE... IS A LIVE BUDDY!"

Post: http://www.mediafire.com/?cr067ym2iaj5yf3