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George Harrison – Dark Horse (1974) (Japanese Pressing) [Toshiba-EMI TOCP-65543]

George Harrison’s third studio album following the break-up of The Beatles was recorded in September and October 1974 and rushed to stores in time for a North American concert tour by Harrison and friends (Nov. 2 - Dec. 20, 1974). The album received decidedly mixed reviews but sold well, reaching #4 on the U.S. album charts. It features the hit singles “Dark Horse” and “Ding Dong, Ding Dong,” which reached #15 and #36 respectively.

The album is notable for showcasing Harrison’s acute laryngitis which ruined most of the tracks on the album, and marred the concerts on the North American tour (dubbed by fans and critics as the “Dark Hoarse” tour) in late 1974.

Strangely, “Dark Horse” and its follow-up, “Extra Texture” (the last album of new material issued on Apple Records by Harrison) are the only two albums in his rock music catalog not to be remastered and expanded by EMI.

Produced by George Harrison

Original LP issued on Apple Records (SMAS 3418) on December 9, 1974
CD reissue on Capitol in the U.S. (CDP 7 98079 2) in 1991
This is the Japanese pressing, TOCP-65543.

1. Hari’s On Tour (Express) (4:44)
2. Simply Shady (4:38)
3. So Sad (5:01)
4. Bye Bye, Love (4:08)
5. Maya Love (4:24)
6. Ding Dong, Ding Dong (3:41)
7. Dark Horse (3:54)
8. Far East Man (5:52)
9. It Is “He” (Jai Sri Krishna) (4:51)
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The Kinks - The Complete Collection (1989)


- Ray Davies: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica, keyboards, lead songwriting
- Dave Davies: Lead guitar, backup vocals, occasional lead vocals and songwriting
- Mick Avory: Drums and percussion
- Pete Quaife: Bass guitar, backup vocals
- Nicky Hopkins: Keyboards (session)


01. You Really Got Me
02. All Day And All Of The Night
03. Tired Of Waiting For You
04. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
05. Set Me Free
06. See My Friends
07. Till The End Of The Day
08. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
09. Sunny Afternoon
10. Dead End Street
11. Waterloo Sunset
12. Autumn Almanac
13. Wonder Boy
14. Days
15. Plastic Man
16. Victoria
17. Lola
18. Apeman
19. David Watts
20. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
21. Well Respected Man
22. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
23. End Of The Season
24. Death Of A Clown
25. Suzannah's Still Alive

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Livin' Blues - Rocking At The Tweed Mill (1972) {2009 Japan mini LP, UICY-9712}

This album Rocking At The Tweed Mill recorded in England.


1. Shady Girl, Shady Girl
2. Fool On You
3. Tongue'N'Groove
4. You're A Stanger
5. Sweet Suzanne
6. Ain't No Use Crying
7. Diving Duck Blues
8. Eye To Eye
9. Please Don't Leave Me


Nicko Christiansen - Vocals
Pete Wingfield - Piano
Ted Oberg - Guitar
John Legrand - Harmonica
Ruud van Buuren - Bass
Arjeu Kamminga - Drums
Produced by Mike Vernon

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Paul McCartney - Cold Cuts (Remastered Edition 2010)

01. A Love For You
Opening this collection we have A LOVE FOR YOU, which was recorded during the Ram sessions of early 1971. The version appearing here is the most complete of the four which have surfaced to date, all of which added subsequent overdubs to their respective predecessor. A great LP opener any way you look at it!

02. My Carnival

MY CARNIVAL was recorded during the New Orleans Venus And Mars sessions which took place at Allen Toussaint's Sea Saint Studios in early 1975. Written in celebration of the Mardi Gras, and featuring a quest appearance by the Meters, it bears an uncanny resemblance to Professor Longhair's 'New Orleans', (a version of which was also put to tape during these sessions). An element of all three Cold Cuts line ups, it was steadily improved upon before being overproduced for commercial release as the B-side of 'Spies Like Us' in late 1985. The version on this release marks the first appearance of several overdubs, most noticeable being the "tack piano" and additional lead vocals.

03. Waterspout

Originating from the London Town era, WATERSPOUT, was scheduled to appear on Paul's All The Best! greatest hits package in 1987, but was pulled in favor of the "all hits" concept. Once again, the version appearing on this collection is the most complete to surface. The main difference here is the addition of "The Plastic Mac's" horn section to the previous Cold Cuts incarnation.

04. Mama's Little Girl

MAMA'S LITTLE GIRL (nee MOMMA'S LITTLE GIRL) dates back to 1972 and nearly made it to the masses as part of the 1973 television spectacular James Paul McCartney, before being trimmed from the final lineup. She also kicked off the first Cold Cuts LP, but was bumped to second place by 'A Love For You' on round two. The mix appearing here features percussion and an alternative clarinet solo not heard on the original backing track. This version also differs from the 1987 McCartney/Thomas production. Although the musical elements are the same, this rendition features a dry mix, compared to the heavily reverbed commercial version.

05. Night Out

Originating from the Red Rose Speedway era, NIGHT OUT started as mostly an instrumental save for the "night out" chant and its accompanying scat vocal from Paul. It grew lyrics some time before being re-worked for Cold Cuts Mach II, and went under considerable overdubbing and remixing before appearing on this collection.

06. Robber's Ball

ROBBER'S BALL evolved from a McCartney drum track during a studio jam session. Dating from the Back To The Egg era, this British flavoured "opera" appeared on the latter two Cold Cuts lineups. The mix appearing here is slightly more polished than its predecessor, and features additional vocals and production reminiscent of that on McCartney II.

07. Cage

CAGE was once a part of the running order for Back To The Egg before being nudged from the lineup in favor of 'Baby's Request'. Different mixes appeared on the second and third version of Cold Cuts, both of which featured additional guitar and vocal overdubs in comparison to the version on the Back To The Egg work tape.

08. Did We Meet Somewhere Before?

DID WE MEET SOMEWHERE BEFORE? was specifically composed as the theme song for the 1978 Warren Beatty/Julie Christie film Heaven Can Wait (as is evidenced by the prominent clarinet). Passed over in favor of Dave Grusin's Academy Award-nominated score, it ended up being featured in the Ramones' 1979 film Rock'N'Roll High School, but was left off the soundtrack LP. (Just think what a great double A-sided single this and 'Teenage Lobotomy' would have made!). This title appeared on all three versions of the Cold Cuts LP with variant mixes, most noticeable in the placement of instruments and effects. Once again this collection features the most polished of the five distinctly different versions to surface.

09. Hey Diddle

HEY DIDDLE made its world premiere as part of the 1979 Wings TV Special Wings Over The World. The McCartney clan was seen hanging around the farm in Scotland, Paul picking his Martin while the kids ran wild. Committed to tape in 1972, it was given the hoe-down treatment (pedal steel, fiddle and ocarina) in Nashville during the summer 1974 sessions at the Sound Shop. Additional "down-home" percussion was added to succeeding versions of the Cold Cuts LP. Once again, this collection features the most polished of the five distinctly different versions to surface.

10. Tragedy

TRAGEDY, originally a hit for Thomas Wayne in March of 1959, was covered by Wings during the Red Rose Speedway sessions. One of Wings better known leftovers, 'Tragedy' appeared on all three line-ups of the Cold Cuts LP, a portion even appeared on the MPL promotional sampler We Moved! in the late seventies. The mix appearing on this collection features a more up front vocal and harp accompaniment not found on any other version.

11. Best Friend (Live)

BEST FRIEND was resurrected for the second and third runs at the Cold Cuts LP. Taken from Wings European tour in 1972, this particular version was recorded at the Cine Roma in Antwerp, Belgium on August 22nd, one of the few (perhaps only two) shows from the tour that was professionally recorded for possible inclusion on Red Rose Speedway. For it's commercial release, additional guitar overdubs were added to the original recording. The version appearing here feature a more "live" sounding mix than its predecessor. If you listen closely, you can hear the band kick into the set closer, 'Soily', before the tape fades away.

12. Same Time Next Year

Another unused film theme, SAME TIME NEXT YEAR was recorded as the title track for the 1978 Alan Alda/Ellen Burstyn film, and was ultimately rejected in favor of Marvin Hamlisch's Academy Award-nominated 'The Last Time I Felt Like This'. The basic track was recorded May 5, 1978 at RAK studios with the orchestral session held the next day at Abbey Road. As previously mentioned, the version appearing here predates the one prepared in 1987 with the assistance of Chris Thomas and Bill Price, which features additional harmonies by Paul and more noticeably, Linda...

Bert Jansch - Birthday Blues (1969) Reissue 2001

Folk Rock, Psychedelic, British Folk Rock
1. "Come Sing Me a Happy Song to Prove We All Can Get Along the Lumpy, Bumpy, Long and Dusty Road" – 2:05
2. "The Bright New Year" – 1:34
3. "Tree Song" – 2:37
4. "Poison" – 3:16
5. "Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell" – 2:10
6. "I've Got a Woman" – 5:15
7. "A Woman Like You" – 4:27
8. "I Am Lonely" – 2:31
9. "Promised Land" – 2:51
10. "Birthday Blues" – 1:14
11. "Wishing Well" (Jansch, Anne Briggs) – 2:17
12. "Blues" – 2:40

Bert Jansch - vocals, guitars
Danny Thompson - bass
Terry Cox - drums
Ray Warleigh - alto sax, flute
Duffy Power – harmonica


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Ethereal Riffian - Shaman's Visions (2011)

01. Part I Whispering Of The Ancients (The Awakening) - 2:06
02. Part II Beyond (The Search) - 6:57
03. Part III Yax Imix Che (The Path) - 8:46
04. Part IV Voice Of Reason (The Enlightenment) - 3:41
05. Part V Light Of Self (The Truth) - 9:11

• Stonezilla - guitar/vocal/lyric
• SAF - bass/beard/pillcrushery
• Southman - guitar /sonic alchemy

Guest musicians:
Nikita (Uprising Fomalhaut) - drums (shaman's heart)
Olga (Cloud Jam) - flute, vocal (shaman's voice)
Bookvarique - percussion (shaman's wand)

Written and performed by Ethereal Riffian
Artwork by Max Mute (shaman's eyes) & Stonezilla
Recorded at Bayroot Studios February/March 2011
Mixed and mastered by Max Poops (shaman's spirit)
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