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The Beatles - The Decca Audition (1962) [2009, Japan, TOCP-6211]

1. Like Dreamers Do (2:39)
2. Money (That's What I Want) (2:26)
3. To Know Her Is To Love Her (2:38)
4. Memphis, Tennessee (2:23)
5. Til There Was You (3:02)
6. Sure To Fall (In love With Her) (2:04)
7. Besame Mucho (2:42)
8. Love Of The Loved (1:54)
9. Hello Little Girl (1:43)
10. Three Cool Cats (2:28)
11. September In The Rain (1:58)
12. Take Good Care Of My Baby (2:29)
13. Crying, Waiting, Hoping (2:06)
14. The Sheik Of Araby (1:45)
15. Searchin' (3:06)
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The Beatles - The Decca Audition - One file

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The Beatles - The Decca Audition - One file

FS.com - lossless:
The Beatles - The Decca Audition - One file

FS.com - MP3 CBR320:
The Beatles - The Decca Audition - One file

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The Beatles - The Decca Audition - One file

SM.com - MP3 CBR320:
The Beatles - The Decca Audition - One file

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The Rolling Stones - Bedspring Symphony (Definitive Edition) [EX SBD, 1973]

The Rolling Stones - Bedspring Symphony (Definitive Edition) [EX SBD, 1973]1 CD | flac (separate files) | cue, log | ffp, md5 | Full Artwork | 373 MB (3% rec)

Info and tracklisting:

The Rolling Stones
BEDSPRING SYMPHONY (A Box Lunch and Meat Whistle Live in Concert)
Limited Definitive Edition Digitally Remastered

Label: Dr. Stones Records
Lineage: Silver CD> EAC> FLAC
Quality Soundboard
Artwork included.

This is the best mixed of the 1973 soundboard shows, maybe the best Stones live recording, with the exception of Get Yer Ya Ya's Out! and surpasses even the officially or unofficially released live albums in quality.

01. Gimme Shelter
02. Tumbling Dice
03. Brown Sugar
04. Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
05. Angie
06. Honky Tonk Woman
07. Midnight Rambler
08. All Down the Line
09. Street Fighting Man
10. Interview with Mick and Charlie (bonus)


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The Rolling Stones - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (1973) [EX SBD]

The Rolling Stones - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (1973) [EX SBD]
1 CD | flac (separate files) | cue, no log | md5 | Artwork (300dpi) | 477 MB (5% rec)
Info and tracklisting:

The Rolling Stones - The Lost Brussels (VGP-088)
Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
October 17, 1973 - 1st show

Excellent stereo soundboard recording, except Star Star in good audience quality.
Complete concert.

Gold CD -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> flac 6

01. Brown Sugar
02. Gimme Shelter
03. Happy
04. Tumbling Dice
05. Dancing With Mr. D
06. Angie
07. You Can't Always Get What You Want
08. Midnight Rambler
09. Honky Tonk Women
10. All Down The Line
11. Rip This Joint
12. Jumping Jack Flash
13. Street Fighting Man
14. Star Star

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The Rolling Stones - In Action (1966-1967)

The Rolling Stones - In Action (1966-1967)1 CD | flac (separate files) | cue, no log | ffp, md5 | Full Artwork | 286 MB (3% rec)

Info & tracks:

The Rolling Stones
In Action
Label/Catalog: Diamond/HI FI 74307

01. Intro
02. Not Fade Away
03. The Last Time
04. Paint It Black
05. Lady Jane
06. Mother's Little Helper
07. Get Off of My Cloud
08. 19th Nervous Breakdown
09. Satisfaction
10. Mercy, Mercy
11. She Said Yeah
12. Play With Fire
13. The Spider and the Fly
14. It's Allright
15. Time Is on My Side
16. Its All Over Now
17. Get Off of My Cloud/Yesterdays Papers
18. 19th Nervous Breakdown
19. Lady Jane
20. Ruby Tuesday
21. Goin' Home/Satisfaction

Tracks 1-9: International Center, Honolulu, Hawaï, July 29, 1966
Tracks 10-15: Olympia, Paris, france, March 29, 1966 (1st show)
Tracks 16: Palladium, London, England, January 22, 1967 (live-vocal on pre-recorded backing track)
tracks 17-21: Olympia, Paris, France, April 11, 1967

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The Rolling Stones - Girls, Pills & Powders (2003) [5CD Box Set]

The Rolling Stones - Girls, Pills & Powders (2003) [5CD Box Set]5 CDs | flac (separate files) | cue, no log | md5, ffp | Artwork (300dpi) | 2GB (5% rec)
Info & tracks:

The Rolling Stones - Girls, Pills & Powders (2003)

Pignose Records [PGN 023]

Studio outtakes from the "Some Girls" sessions.

CD1 (Disc 1 - Some More Girls)

01. Miss You #2
02. When the Whip Comes Down #1
03. Just My Imagination #4
04. Some Girls #3
05. Lies #1
06. Far Away Eyes #1
07. Respectable #3
08. Before They Make Me Run #4
09. Beast of Burden #1
10. Shattered #2

CD2 (Disc 2 - Come Bring Your Electric Guitar)

01. Claudine #1
02. Fiji Jim #1
03. Never Let Her Go
04. You Win Again
05. Lucky in Love aka Do You Get Enough?
06. Never Make Me Cry #1
07. I Can't Help It #3
08. No Spare Parts
09. Everlasting Is My Love #2
10. Someone Know
11. Never Stop aka Start Me Up
12. The Way She Held Me Tight
13. And I Know
14. Do You Really Think I Care aka Yellow Cab #2
15. Black Limousine #2
16. It's a Lie #2
17. Petrol Gang

CD3 (Disc 3 - Keith, Will You Put That Weapon Down?)

01. Claudine #2
02. Fiji Jim #2
03. A Different Kind
04. I Need You
05. Everlasting Is My Love #3
06. Never Make Me Cry #2
07. I Can't Help It #4
08. Some People Tell Me
09. Everlasting Is My Love #1
10. Disco Musik
11. Start Me Up #2
12. Hang Fire aka Lazy Bitch
13. Shame Shame Shame
14. Do You Think I Really Care aka Yellow Cab #1
15. Black Limousine #2
16. Biscuit Blues
17. It's All Wrong

CD4 (Disc 4 - Some Puerto Rican Girls Are Just Dyin' to Meet You)

01. Everything Is Turning to Gold #2
02. Miss You #4
03. When the Whip Comes Down #2
04. Lies #3
05. Far Away Eyes #2
06. Black Limousine #3
07. Up Against the Wall #2
08. I Can't Help It #1
09. Fiji Jim #3
10. So Young
11. When You're Gone
12. Disco Musik #2
13. Everything Is Turning to Gold #1

CD5 (Disc 5 - Instrumentals, Pills and Powders)

01. Munich Hilton #1
02. Golden Caddy #1
03. Golden Caddy #2
04. Golden Caddy #4
05. Broken Toe
06. Armpit Blues
07. Broken Leaves #2
08. Light Up
09. Much Spreading
10. Stay Where You Are
11. I Can't Help It #5
12. Broken Head Blues
13. I Can't Help It #3
14. Munich Hilton #2
15. Follow You
16. Shattered #1
17. Feel No Pain No More
18. Los Trios Guitaros
19. Up Against the Wall #1
20. Slow Blues

Lineage: Silver CDs > Jet Audo Flac Converter [Level 6]
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John Lennon - ORF Profile and More Rarities (2007)

John Lennon - ORF Profile and More Rarities (2007)
DVD5 (VIDEO_TS) | NTSC | 720 x 480 | MP2 @ 384 Kbps, 2 Channels | 01:29:35 | 4,37 Gb
Genre: Rock | Bootleg, MCP-061

American (?) collector, hiding under the name MCP, over the past few years released on DVD and CD an impressive collection of Beatles recordings as well as the participants of the group.
Here is one of them. John Lennon - ORF Profile & More Rarities is a compilation of John Lennon's rare videos.

1. ORF Profile by Hans Priener (30 minutes)
2. Man of the Decade from 16mm (10 minutes)
3. Instant Karma (Top of the Pops, as shown on Entertainment Tonight)
4. Bryant Park Moratorium 1972 (15 minutes, CBS News raw footage
5. Monday Night Football 1974 (from rebroadcast)
6. The 50 Greatest Moments of MSG (the Elton John show, no concert footage)
7. Newsreport (WABC-TV 1970s)
8. Imagine: John Lennon EPK (15 minutes)



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The Black Crowes - Hammerstein Ballroom (2005) [6 CD Set]

The Black Crowes - Hammerstein Ballroom (2005) [6 CD Set]6 CD | flac (separate files) | no cue, no log | ffp, md5 | Full Artwork (HQ pdf) | 2.06 GB (5% rec)

3 shows - 6 CDs - Enjoy :)

The Black Crowes
March 25 2005 (Friday)
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY

01 - Don't Do It
02 - Thick And Thin
03 - Go Faster
04 - Share The Ride
05 - Mellow Down Easy
06 - Good Friday
07 - High Head Blues
08 - Young Man Old Man
09 - Soul Singing
10 - Nonfiction

11 - Gone
12 - By Your Side
13 - No Speak No Slave
14 - crowd
15 - Willin'
16 - Feathers
17 - Pre Road Downs

The Black Crowes
March 26 2005 (Saturday)
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY

01 - Cursed Diamond
02 - Sting Me
03 - Kickin' My Heart Around
04 - Jam > Black Moon Creeping
05 - Paint An 8
06 - Torn And Frayed
07 - Ballad In Urgency >
08 - Jam >
09 - Wiser Time
10 - Roll 'Em Easy

11 - Jam >
12 - Thorn In My Pride
13 - P.25 London
14 - Descending
15 - Hotel Illness
16 - Remedy
17 - crowd
18 - Do Right Woman Do Right Man
19 - Hot Burrito #2

The Black Crowes
March 27 2005 (Easter Sunday)
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY

01 - Stare It Cold
02 - Go Tell The Congregation
03 - Coming Home
04 - Seeing Things
05 - She Gave Good Sunflower
06 - Soul Singing
07 - My Morning Song
08 - Space Captain
09 - How Much For Your Wings?

10 - Bend Down Low
11 - Greasy Grass River
12 - Jealous Again
13 - Twice As Hard
14 - No Speak No Slave
15 - crowd
16 - She Talks To Angels
17 - Yer Blues

Source: Audience Recording by Derek ******
Neumann KM184 > Lunatec V2 > Tascam DA-P1 Transfer: DAT > Tascam DA-45HR > MOTU 896 > Apple G5 > Digital Performer 4.5 > Bias Peak 4.1 > .wav > xACT 1.4b2 > .flac

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Faces - Five Guys Walk into a Bar... (2004) 4 CD Box Set

Faces - Five Guys Walk into a Bar... (2004) 4 CD Box Set
EAC | FLAC | Image (Cue+Log) ~ 2 Gb (incl 5%) | Mp3 (CBR 320) ~ 720 Mb (incl 5%) | Full Scans (png) ~ 530 Mb
Genre: Hard Rock, Album Rock, Blues Rock, Rock & Roll | Label: Warner, Rhino | # 8122-78233-2 | Time: 05:07:45

CD 1 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
CD 2 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
CD 3 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
CD 4 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
PNG Scans Part1 - PNG Scans Part2 -


CD 1 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
CD 2 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
CD 3 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
CD 4 -
FLAC Part1 - FLAC Part2 - | - MP3 HQ -
PNG Scans Part1 - PNG Scans Part2 -

Little Richard - Black Diamond (Live at the Mad Russian, Boston 1970) [1998]

Little Richard - Black Diamond (Live at the Mad Russian, Boston 1970) [1998]
EAC-FLAC with CUE, LOG - 203 MB | Covers included | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps - 105 MB
Rock & Roll / Early R&B | 44:05 min | Label: Fireball Records | Catalogue Number: XL5CD1

This album represents the best audio documentation of LR's most under-reported and most amazing period in his career, with the exception of the '55 to '58 cataclysm: he made very few records from '68 to '70, his most intense "Comeback" period, when his voice was never stronger. Although the title says "Mad Russian" in '70, the contents are actually from that venue in 1968 and from "The Boston Tea Party" in 1970.


01. Lucille
02. Blueberry Hill
03. Midnite Special
04. Ooh Boop Be Doo
05. When The Saints Go Marching In
06. Be Bop A Lula
07. You Keep A Knockin'
08. Ready Teddy
09. Jenny Jenny
10. The Girl's Cant't Help It
11. Bonie Moronie

T-Bone Walker - T-Bone Walker Sings The Blues

It's not my name written on the cover - I bought the LP 2nd hand many years ago!
Side 1:
1. Strollin' With Bone
2. You Don't Love Me
3. You Don't Understand
4. Say! Pretty Baby (Welcome Blues)
5. Tell Me What's The Reason
6. Blue Mood
7. Railroad Station Blues

Side 2:
1. The Sun Went Down
2. The Hustle Is On
3. Evil Hearted Woman
4. Cold Cold Feeling
5. I Got The Blues Again
6. Blues Is A Woman
7. Get These Blues Off Me

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:


Or here:


After his successful spell with Black and White Records, T-Bone Walker’s next recording contract was with Imperial Records for whom he recorded between April 1950 and June 1954. This 1983 Pathe Marconi release of an LP originally released by Imperial in 1960 (with 12 tracks only) finds T-Bone at the very top of his game. The April 1950 session used his road band, that of Big Jim Wynn, as backing musicians.

With Eddie Davis on tenor sax and Big Jim Wynn on baritone sax, from the very first session T-Bone’s Imperial sides delivered a far greater punch than his Black and White recordings of 1946 – 1947. The rollicking opening instrumental “Strollin’ With Bone” sets the tone and then it’s straight into the blues with “You Don’t Love Me.” Try listening to this LP with your media player on cross fade and hoo boy are you in for one hell of a musical treat.

Subsequent Los Angeles sessions through to March 1952 used musicians from Big Jim Wynn’s band mixed with former T-Bone cohorts such as Willard McDaniel, Billy Hadnott and Oscar Lee Bradley, with Maxwell Davis coming in on tenor sax. In March 1952 T-Bone’s nephew R.S. Rankin came in on second guitar. The Imperial label had established a strong New Orleans connection in 1949 – 1950, most notably with Fats Domino and Smiley Lewis, and in March 1953 T-Bone travelled to the Crescent City to record with the top local session men such as Lee Allen and Herb Hardesty. This LP features one side from those sessions – “Railroad Station Blues.”

There were further recordings with the New Orleans gang through to November 1953. Meanwhile in October 1953 T-Bone recorded in Detroit with the T.J. Fowler band which also backed him in his final recordings for Imperial in June 1954.

So download, sit back and savour R&B at its best with these great, great recordings which are probably the last sides T-Bone recorded with the rhythm and blues market in mind. Ill health brought a temporary hiatus to T-Bone’s recording career. In 1955 through to 1957 he recorded intermittently for Atlantic. Most of the sides made their first appearance on the LP “T-Bone Blues.” T-Bone’s career picked up in the 60’s when he became part of the blues revival. His subsequent recordings were all for the LP market, his final sides being recorded in 1973. He died in March 1975 at the comparatively young age of 64.

1. Strollin' With Bone
2. You Don't Love Me
3. You Don't Understand
4. Say! Pretty Baby (Welcome Blues)
5. Tell Me What's The Reason
6. Blue Mood
7. Railroad Station Blues
8. The Sun Went Down
9. The Hustle Is On
10. Evil Hearted Woman
11. Cold Cold Feeling
12. I Got The Blues Again
13. Blues Is A Woman
14. Get These Blues Off Me

All sides recorded in Los Angeles, 1950 – 1952, except “Railroad Station Blues.” T-Bone Walker, guitar, vocal on all tracks with:

April 1950 sessions personnel:

Eddie Hutcherson (tp); Edward Hale (as); Eddie Davis (ts); Big Jim Wynn (ts and bs); Zell Kindred (p); Buddy Woodson (b); Robert “Snake” Sims (d):

“Strollin’ With Bone,” “The Sun Went Down,” “You Don’t Love Me,” were recorded on April 5th, 1950. “Travelin’ Blues” and “Evil Hearted Woman” were recorded on April 6th, 1950.

August 1951 sessions personnel:

Unidentified (tp); Edward Hale (as); Maxwell Davis (ts); Willard McDaniel (p); Billy Hadnott (b); Oscar Lee Bradley (d):

“You Don’t Understand” and “Welcome Blues” (aka “Say Pretty Baby) were recorded on August 15th, 1951. “Tell Me What’s The Reason” was recorded on August 20th, 1951.

March 1952 sessions personnel:

Unidentified (tp); Edward Hale (as); Maxwell Davis (ts); possibly Big Jim Wynn (bs); Willard McDaniel or Zell Kindred (p); Buddy Woodson (b); R.S. Rankin (g); Oscar Lee Bradley or Robert “Snake” Sims (d):

“Cold, Cold Feeling,” “Get These Blues Off Me,” “I Got The Blues Again,” “Blues Is a Woman,” and “Blue Mood” were recorded in March, 1952 (exact date unknown.)

The March 1953 session was recorded in New Orleans. Personnel:

Dave Bartholomew (t); Wendell Duconge (as); Lee Allen (ts); Herb Hardesty (bs); Walter Nelson (g); Frank Fields (b); Cornelius Coleman (d); unidentified (p) Baby Davis or Tiny Brown (vocal):

“Railroad Station Blues” was recorded on March 20th, 1953 in New Orleans.

Sources: Pete Welding – liner notes to “The Complete Imperial Recordings, 1950 – 1954."

Recommended purchase:

“T-Bone Walker – The Complete Imperial Recordings, 1950-1954” is a double CD set issued in 1991 in the EMI Blues Series. Compiled by Pete Welding. 52 brilliant tracks.

Jimi Hendrix Rarities

No music here but something I picked up in the late 80's through the German Auction magazine Oldie Markt. A monthly magazine listing thousands of records etc mainly from German sellers but also a good share of other European sellers. Great fun at the time but absolutely no protection from rip offs or bad gradings. It was always a wonder that anything I bought turned up. Looking back I only lost 1 lp because the postvan was robbed ... the bastards.
Oldie Markt still publishes a excellent record/cd price guide.
Anyway, I paid about $15-$20 dollars each at the time. They came with a Polish flexi from Hendrix, a copied index of the xeroxed articles in the books and both are limited to 50 copies each. I know the seller also had books from Zappa and I'm pretty sure that he also had Dylan.
I've never seen these books on sale or mentioned in any Hendrix articles or sites and if anyone has some info I would be grateful.
Flexi with the track "Xmas Song"from book 1 and index to articles.

Flexi with the track Tobacco Road" from book 2 and index to articles.



Doctor Clayton & His Buddy - Pearl Harbour Blues

Doctor Clayton was an American blues singer and songwriter who performed barefoot, wearing comically large, round glasses.
Peter Joe Clayton was born in Georgia on April 19, 1898 (although he later claimed he had been born in Africa), and moved to St. Louis as a child with his family.  He had four children of his own and worked in a factory in St. Louis, while starting his career as a singer.  He could also play piano and ukelele, although he never did so on record.
Doctor Clayton recorded six sides for Bluebird Records in 1935, but only two of those were ever issued.  His family all died in a house fire in 1937, after which Clayton became an alcoholic and began wearing oversized hats and glasses.  Moving to Chicago with Robert Lockwood, Jr., he received attention from Decca Records, but ultimately returned to Bluebird, recording with them again in 1941-42.  He also recorded for Okeh Records at this time.
Among the songs Clayton wrote were "Cheating And Lying Blues," frequently covered by other blues artists, "Pearl Harbor Blues," written after the Pearl Harbor bombing of 1941, and "Moonshine Woman Blues," which became a chart hit for B.B. King as "The Woman I Love" in 1968.  In 1946, he recorded the tunes "Hold That Train Conductor" and "I Need My Baby," which were also both covered by King.  Most of his later recordings featured Blind John Davis on piano.  He was a regional sales success and played regularly in Chicago nightclubs with Lockwood and Sunnyland Slim.
Doctor Clayton died of tuberculosis on January 7, 1947, shortly after his second recording session.  Big Bill Broonzy and Tampa Red attended his funeral.

Sunnyland Slim is Doctor Claytons Buddy on side 2. These are his first sessions recorded in Chicago and they feature a very irritating whooping/howlering on almost every track. Not something to listen to in one session.

Post: http://www.mediafire.com/?9kn66a27kcrxy1d


Lightnin' Hopkins - Nothing But The Blues

Re-release of the rare Herald lp on the budget label Mount Vernon released in 1962. Title of the lp covers the music so I won't I do a search for a review.
Pressing quality leaves alot to be desired. Lots of background crackles and a mat finish to the vinyl but it's is still very listenable.

Post: http://www.mediafire.com/?q4c2e22c8i2fd1k

Aerosmith - O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (DCD 2002)

Disc One :01. Mama Kin - [from Self-titled album]
02. Dream On - [from Self-titled album]
03. Same Old Song And Dance - [from Get Your Wings]
04. Seasons Of Wither - [from Get Your Wings]
05. Walk This Way - [from Toys in the Attic]
06. Big Ten Inch Record - [from Toys in the Attic]
07. Sweet Emotion - [from Toys in the Attic]
08. Last Child - [from Rocks]
09. Back In The Saddle - [from Rocks]
10. Draw The Line - [from Draw the Line]
11. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - [from Permanent Vacation]
12. Angel - [from Permanent Vacation]
13. Rag Doll - [from Permanent Vacation]
14. Janie's Got A Gun - [from Pump]
15. Love In An Elevator - [from Pump]
16. What It Takes - [from Pump]

Disc Two:
01. The Other Side - [from Pump]
02. Livin' On The Edge - [from Get A Grip]
03. Cryin' - [from Get A Grip]
04. Amazing - [from Get A Grip]
05. Deuces Are Wild - [from Big Ones]
06. Crazy - [from Get A Grip]
07. Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) - [from Nine Lives]
08. Pink (The South Beach Mix) - [from Nine Lives]
09. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - [from Armageddon OST]
10. Jaded - [from Just Push Play]
11. Just Push Play (Radio Remix) - [from Just Push Play]
12. Walk This Way (feat. Run-D.M.C.) - [from the Run-D.M.C. album Raising Hell]
13. Girls Of Summer - [New track, Recorded April 2002]
14. Lay It Down - [New track, Recorded April 2002]
15. Train Kept A Rollin' (from Get Your Wings) [Bonus Track]
16. Toys In The Attic (from Toys in the Attic) [Bonus Track]
17. Come Together (from the soundtrack of the film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) [Bonus Track]
18. Theme From Spider-Man (from the soundtrack of the film Spider-Man) [Bonus Track]

Thanks to tero_74545!
Aerosmith: O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (Japan 1st press) [2 CDs]

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MP3 320

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