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Pink Floyd - Discovery, Box Set (2011) [14 albums - 16CD] -> EMI Music Japan

Pink Floyd - Discovery, Box Set (2011) [14 albums - 16CD] - Japanese Release
EAC Rips | 16x FLAC Images +CUEs +LOGs > 4,14 GB | Full PNG Scans > 1,86 GB | MP3 CBR 320 Kbps > 1,62 GB
Rock / Progressive Rock / Psychedelic Rock | TT > 732:06 minutes | Label: EMI Music Japan | Catalogue # TOCP-71131~46
Released in Japan on September 28, 2011 | Catalogue # in box TOCP-71147~62 / Includes complete scans of box, book, and booklets!

Box set release from Pink Floyd consisting of 14 original albums, featuring the latest digital remastering by James Guthrie and new artwork by Storm Thorgerson. Comes with a photo book and includes albums: "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn", "A Saucerful Of Secrets", "More", "Ummagumma", "Atom Heart Mother", "Meddle", "Obscured By Clouds", "The Dark Side Of The Moon", "Wish You Were Here", "Animals", "The Wall", "The Final Cut", "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason", and "The Division Bell (Tsui)."
Hard to believe though it is in 2011, there are some people, somewhere out there, who do not own a Pink Floyd record...
...And it's this fact, largely, that EMI are leaning on with their release of Discovery - a one-stop shopping purchase for the Floyd newcomer, collecting all 14 of the band's studio albums in a sturdy, attractive, expensive box. If you already own a handful of these, the asking price - about ?130 - is going to be off-putting, especially as the albums contain no new material (the tracks are remastered, but for expanded versions you'll need to invest in 'Immersion' editions, yours for a pretty penny per set). But if you're in the market for an instant collection, it's a very tempting product.
For the collectors out there, included is a booklet (although at 60 pages long, it's less 'let' and more 'book') compiling a host of imagery and graphics created for the band across their career. Assembled by Storm Thorgerson himself, it's a treasure trove of curios, arranged in chronological order, from the very first piece of art, created for a gig in Leeds in 1968, through to 2008's Blue Balls, shot for a book cover. It makes for a fantastic insight into an aspect of Pink Floyd's appeal almost as intrinsic to their success as their music - the singular aesthetic they presented with unfaltering consistency. Of particular interest are rough sketches for the artwork to the best-of set, Echoes - "I thought it echoed Ummagumma a bit," says Thorgerson - and a beautiful water image that was intended for the SACD pressing of Wish You Were Here, a pressing that's yet to be released ("gawd knows why?" reads the accompanying info).
And the music itself? Deep breath, here's a Friends-style run-down. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn: the one where Syd Barrett took the lead, resulting in at least one song about a gnome. A Saucerful of Secrets: the one where Roger Waters expressed his songwriting might across numbers like Let There Be More Light and the kazoo-featuring Corporal Clegg. Music From the Film More: the one where Floyd matched folksy acoustic numbers with some truly heavy fare (and also their first without Barrett). Ummagumma: the one that was a live album, but not a live album. Atom Heart Mother: the one with the cow on the cover, which wasn't actually All That Good. Meddle: the one that represented a return to form, and home to the side-filling calling-card track Echoes.
Still with us? And on we go. Obscured by Clouds: the one where Floyd began to properly break the stateside mainstream (but, again, it's not an album that's aged well). Dark Side of the Moon: the one that's become a classic. Wish You Were Here: the one that's arguably better than Dark Side?, but doesn't get half the acclaim - it's their In Utero to Dark Side?'s Nevermind, notably disaffected with the business side of things. Animals: the one with the pig. The Wall: the one that didn't need no education, nor no thought control. The Final Cut: the one where David Gilmour was largely AWOL. A Momentary Lapse of Reason: the one where everyone hated everyone else, resulting in a disjointed affair barely worthy of the Pink Floyd name; it was also the first album to not feature Waters. The Division Bell: the one where (largely) Gilmour crafted a farewell affair that saw Floyd bow out with a whimper rather than a roar - although in High Hopes it featured one of the band's best, a real lump-in-the-throat closer with a video featuring a bust of Barrett. The band had, finally, come full circle.
So, if you're without any Pink Floyd in your life, why not dive straight into the deep end? That's what Discovery is: this remarkable but frequently frustrating band at their inspirational best, their middle-of-the-road worst; at the peak of their pop-savvy accessibility and in the depths of so much impenetrable self-indulgence. It's everything anyone needs from Pink Floyd, in one package.

-- Review by Mike Diver, BBC
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* where the album title is his catalogue number, and
"L" is lossless, "M" is MP3, "CV" is complete PNG scans;
The book & box scans marked as TOCP71147CV.

The archives are interchangeable. 3-5% on restoration included.


Grateful Dead - Europe '72: The Complete Recordings (1972) [Box set 72cds]

Grateful Dead - Europe '72: The Complete Recordings (1972) [Box set]
Rock | 72cd | XLD Rip | Flac + Cue + Log | HQ covers, booklet
Rhino | HDCD | rel: 2011 | 25.4Gb

Grateful Dead slipped the shores of America and crossed the pond for its first-ever major European tour in April 1972. The legendary 22-show run spawned Europe ’72, a live triple album that remains one of the band’s best-selling and most beloved releases. A tour this momentous deserves a boxed set of historic proportions and has stamped your passport to relive every note from the European tour with EUROPE ’72: The complete recordings — an individually numbered, limited edition collection that includes more than 60 discs with over 70 hours of music featuring every show from what is arguably the Grateful Dead’s greatest tour.
EUROPE ’72: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS is housed in a replica steamer trunk reminiscent of the ones prevalently used at the time. Along with the music, a vast majority of which is previously unreleased, the travel chest contains tour memorabilia, a coffee- table book with never-before-seen photos, and a comprehensive essay by noted Dead author Blair Jackson. Each performance will also be accompanied by an essay specific to the show written by top Dead scholars including David Gans, Gary Lambert, Nicholas Meriwether, and Steve Silberman.
Jeffrey Norman, the primary mixer of the Dead’s archival multi-track material for the past 15 years, is mixing each show from the original 16-track recordings, with the high-tech Plangent Processes transfer and restoration tools used to bring the master tapes back to life. Two-time Grammy®-winning engineer David Glasser is mastering the music to HDCD specs. While many of the recordings heard on Europe ’72 were sweetened in the studio after the tour, those tracks will be included in this collection without overdubs, where possible.

Grateful Dead Europe 1972 Tour Dates

Chango - Honey is Sweeter than Blood- 1976 US

"Chango - Honey is Sweeter than Blood- 1976 US":

Another solid album by this Santana sound band. Chango's second album is a little harder and less Latin than their first. The musicians are excellent and the songs are first rate.
Not as good as their first album but has some nice songs.

1 - life Is a Rainbow
2 - The Last Ride
3 - Meeting The Gods
4 - Lady, Lady
5 - La Rumba
6 - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
7 - Thumbing A Ride
8 - Woman In Black
9 - Evil Lady
Contraseña: sam1957

The Stooges - Heavy Liquid (6CD) (2005) [Lossless]

The Stooges - Heavy Liquid (6CD) (2005) [Lossless]
EAC | FLAC IMG, CUE + LOG = 2.1GB | 600 dpi Scan = 1.97GB
Rock | Label: Easy Action - EARS003 | ESF / fso / DL

I could copy / paste some detailed introduction here, but who needs it? It is the Stooges and the absolute f ** king shit.
• heavy net is a box set of six discs that is "sanctioned Band" product
• The lavish booklet containing unpublished photos by Mick Rock (1972) & Lee Black Childers (1973) Robert Matheu (1973)
• Throughout the six-disc box set containing previously unreleased material from the original master tapes that formed the basis of the Legendary Raw Power album
• The booklet also contains an extensive booklet that includes exclusive interviews with Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton Scott
There is not much to lose quality, but MP3 is

Track listing

The Olympic Studio Tapes London 1972
All Extracted Unreleased & Unheard recently discovered multi track Master Tapes!

1. I have the right to the ground {gtr} (03:39)
2. I have the right to get to # {Take two on the ground of false gtr} (0:41)
3. I have the right (3:11)
4. Give me some skin Instrumental} {(2:42)
5. Give me some skin (2:50)
6. I have the right} {Instrumental (3:46)
7.I have a right {incl. Gtr Solo} (2:50)
8. I have the right Retake # 2 {Inst., Leslied gtr, without soil, drums check} (4:14)
9. Louie Louie (02:56)
10. I have the right} .. { Too Slow (1:01)
11. I have two false starts {right} (4:14)
12. I have the right not leslied {not} soil (3.40)
13.Dinheiro (2:38)
14. I have the right} {false start (1:26)
15. I have the right letters {diff} Another (2:52)
16. I have a right {incl. Solo} (3:08)
17. I have the right {diff battery, incl. Solo} (02:55)
18. I'm sick of you bonus tracks recorded {London} '72 (6:54)
19. Tight pants bonus tracks recorded {London} '72 (2:12)
20. Crime Scene bonus tracks recorded {London} '72 (2:54)

Morgan Sound Studios 1973 Ypsilanti Michigan
Unpublished essay taken from recently discovered ¼ inch tape

1. Raw Power (Take 1)
2. Raw Power (Take 2)
3. Head On Curve (Take 1)
4. Head On Curve (Take 2)
5. I Need Somebody-Sweet Child-I like the way you walk 17:00
6. Search & Destroy
7.You can not turn it lose 1.20
8. I Need Somebody (Version 2) 06:43
9. Head On Curve (Version 2) 06:50
10. Gimme Danger 07:50

Los Angeles and Detroit Testing Spring 1973

1. Stick in my pocket
2. Open Up & Bleed
3. How it hurts (Rubber Legs)
4. Johanna
5. She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills
6. Head On
7. Born in a trailer
8. By the end of the night / I have a problem
9. My girl hates my heroin / Love Wild
10. Hey Baby?
11. Jesus Loves the Stooges

The Return To New York in July 1973
CBS Studios in New York. Tests for the upcoming shows at Max's Kansas City

1. Rubber Legs
2. Johanna
3. Stick in my pocket
4. Head on Curve
5. Cry for me / to identify the eyes
6. Open & Bleed
7. Rubber Legs # 2

Live at Max's Kansas City on July 30 1973 * Scott Thurston on the piano

8. Raw Power
9. Head On
10. Gimme Danger
11. Stick in my pocket
12. Search & Destroy
13. I need someone
14.Heavy liquid

Whisky a Go Go September 17, 1973 (first game)
Tape totally new

1. Raw Power 5.25
2. Head On 7.50
3. Gimme Danger 7.20
4. Search & Destroy 4.20
5. I need someone 5.05
6. Heavy liquids 5.45
7. Pau 3.15 in my pocket
8. Open and bleed 11.40

Bimbos 365 Club San Francisco on January 11 or 12 in 1974
1. Wet my bed 4.50
2. I have nothing 4.30
3. Head On 11.00
4. Open and bleed 12.55

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The Stooges - Heavy Liquid (6CD) (2005) [Lossless]