sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2011

Woods - Sun & Shade (2011)

Woods - Sun & Shade
Folk, Psychedelic Rock | mp3 VBR 248 kbps | 44:18 min | 80 MB
Label: Woodsist | Tracks: 12 | 2011-06-13

Woods is a two-headed dog asleep on the porch and a butterfly on the windowsill... a Janus, a Gemini and a screen door. The sun won't fade and the earworms will not leave, but the jams go on too long for the girl in the back who wonders if her friends are at another bar. Still, the ballads always make her cry. Woods is up there relaying the Woods-feel: Folk-rock, fuzz, tambourines, tapes and raw lunch pulled straight from the yard. Pop songs and other things: Sun and Shade.

01. Pushing Onlys ( 3:33)
02. Any Other Day ( 1:57)
03. Be All Be Easy ( 2:36)
04. Out Of The Eye ( 7:10)
05. Hand It Out ( 3:10)
06. To Have In The Home ( 2:47)
07. Sol Y Sombra ( 9:38)
08. Wouldn't Waste ( 2:38)
09. Who Do I Think I Am ( 2:49)
10. What Faces The Sheet ( 2:11)
11. White Out ( 3:55)
12. Say Goodbye ( 1:52)

William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs (2011)

William Elliott Whitmore - Field Songs
Folk, Blues, Alt-Country | mp3 CBR 320 kbps | 34:05 min | 77,7 MB
Label: Anti | Tracks: 08 | 2011

On his 2011 album Field Songs, Iowa troubadour William Elliott Whitmore documents a vanishing American landscape with all the heartfelt soul and quiet fury one could hope for. "Heartland firebrand blows fuse, fights for truth" heralded Spin Magazine when describing Whitmore, who utilizes a powerful singing voice beyond his years and a stark dramatic sound rooted in bluegrass, blues and folk protest music. These songs vividly evoke a life of struggle, humble resilience and family bond inspired by life on his family s farm along the Mississippi River. Whitmore has made a name for himself both within the punk movement, where his populism and sincerity resonate with alienated urban kids, and the roots community, where writers like Andy Downing in the Chicago Tribune have placed him within the "new pastoralism" of Bon Iver and the Fleet Foxes.

1. Bury Your Burdens in the Ground
2. Field Song
3. Don't Need It
4. Everything Gets Gone
5. Let's Do Something Impossible
6. Get There From Here
7. We'll Carry On
8. Not Feeling Any Pain

Pink floyd - Meddle (1971) [Japan Black Triangle CD]

Pink floyd - Meddle (1971)
[Japan Black Triangle CD]
EAC: ape (image)+cue+log | RAR, 3%, 197,30MB | mp3 320kbps | RAR, 3%, 110,12MB | Full Scans, 300/600dpi | RAR, 3%, 35,08/159,12MB
Label: Toshiba EMI Ltd. | Cat №: CP32-5032 | (FileSonic+FileServe)

01. One of These Days [05:57]
02. A Pillow of Winds [05:11]
03. Fearless [06:09]
04. San Tropez [03:44]
05. Seamus [02:16]
06. Echoes [23:32]
Total time [46:54]
FileSonic: ape, mp3, scans 600dpi, scans 300dpi.
FileServe: ape, mp3, scans 600dpi, scans 300dpi.
pass: kermith

Beatsystem - The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing (2011)

Beatsystem - The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing (2011)EAC Rip | WavPack (image+.cue+log) - 381 MB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps (LAME 3.93) - 167 MB | Covers includes
Genre: Abstract/Ambient/Experimental | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Entropy (ER.005)

01. Corston
02. Glitch Raga
03. Bangalore
04. The Sound Of Two Eskimos Kissing
05. No Jumping Up And Down (Remix)
06. Amazing
07. Red Black & Ignorant
08. Alabama

Total time: 01:10:40


The Rolling Stones - The Singles 1971-2006 (45CD Box Set, Compilation, 2011)

The Rolling Stones - The Singles 1971-2006 (45CD Box Set, 2011)
EAC rip | FLAC, IMG+CUE, LOG | 45CD | 6.32 GB | Scans 600dpi | 715 MB | RAR 3% Rec. | FileSonic/RapidShare/FileServe
Rock & Roll | Label: Universal Music Japan | Catalog#: UICY-5011/55 | Country: Japan | Year: 2011

About this product:
Key features of The Rolling Stones CD Singles (1971-2006) Box Set:

- 45 singles packed with rarities, re-mixes and live versions across 173 tracks!
- Lovingly replicating the original 7”, 12” and CD singles in miniature picture sleeves and labels.
- Also houses a 32-page hardback book packed with memorabilia, period photos and a new essay by renowned journalist, broadcaster and Stones expert Paul Sexton.

- Comes in a striking pink box featuring the band’s trademark tongue design.
- Taken from the original British, US and European singles.
- Overflowing with all-time classic hits, collectable B-sides and hidden gems.
- Over 80 tracks not currently available on official releases!
- Also features an exclusive new interview with Bill Wyman, the band’s former bassist and on-going archivist.
- Limited numbered edition
- The set will also be available digitally
- A limited 7" vinyl "Brown Sugar" for Record Store Day *April 16th 2011 will be released separately

Lavishly packaged, The Rolling Stones CD Singles (1971-2006) Box Set collects the amazing run of forty-five 45s the group has issued over the last four decades. Amongst many gems, it includes chart-toppers such as the irresistible 'Brown Sugar', the beautiful ballad 'Angie' and the floor-filler par excellence 'Miss You', as well as the infectious rockers 'Mixed Emotions' and 'Don't Stop'.

The new box set also highlights the band's rock and roll and rhythm'n'blues roots, and showcases their wonderful cover versions of Chuck Berry's 'Let It Rock', the Temptations' 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg', Smokey Robinson and The Miracles' 'Going to a Go-Go', Bob & Earl's 'Harlem Shuffle' and Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone'. And it brings the group's compelling story up to date with the soulful 'Streets Of Love', 'Rain Fall Down' and 'Biggest Mistake', their most recent studio recordings.
Brown Sugar / Bitch / Let It Rock
1-1Brown Sugar 3:50
1-2Bitch 3:36
1-3Let It Rock 2:39
 Wild Horses / Sway
2-1Wild Horses 5:44
2-2Sway 3:25
 Tumbling Dice / Sweet Black Angel
3-1Tumbling Dice 3:45
3-2Sweet Black Angel 2:55
 Happy / All Down The Line
4-1Happy 3:05
4-2All Down The Line 3:58
5-1Angie 4:34
5-2Silver Train 4:28
 Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
6-1Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) 3:28
6-2Dancing With Mr. D. 4:52
 It's Only Rock 'N Roll
7-1It's Only Rock 'N Roll 5:09
7-2Through The Lonely Nights 4:12
 Ain't Too Proud To Beg / Dance Little Sister
8-1Ain't Too Proud To Beg 3:31
8-2Dance Little Sister 4:07
 Fool To Cry
9-1Fool To Cry 5:07
9-2Crazy Mama 4:35
 Hot Stuff / Fool To Cry
10-1Hot Stuff 5:24
10-2Fool To Cry 5:06
 Miss You
11-1Miss You 3:37
11-2Far Away Eyes 3:47
11-3Miss You (12" Version) 8:35
 Beast Of Burden / When The Whip Comes Down
12-1Beast Of Burden 4:28
12-2When The Whip Comes Down 4:21
13-1Respectable 3:10
13-2When The Whip Comes Down 4:21
14-1Shattered 3:49
14-2Everything's Turning To Gold 4:06
 Emotional Rescue
15-1Emotional Rescue 5:41
15-2Down In The Hole 3:57
 She's So Cold
16-1She's So Cold 4:14
16-2Send It To Me 3:43
 Start Me Up
17-1Start Me Up 3:35
17-2No Use In Crying 3:26
 Waiting On A Friend
18-1Waiting On A Friend 4:36
18-2Little T&A 3:21
 Hang Fire / Neighbours
19-1Hang Fire 2:24
19-2Neighbours 3:32
 Going To A Go Go (Live)
20-1Going To A Go Go (Live) 3:26
20-2Beast Of Burden (Live) 5:04
 Time Is On My Side (Live)
21-1Time Is On My Side (Live) 3:44
21-2Twenty Flight Rock (Live) 1:47
21-3Under My Thumb (Live) 4:07
 Undercover Of The Night
22-1Undercover Of The Night 4:34
22-2All The Way Down 3:14
22-3Undercover Of The Night (Dub Version) 6:25
22-4Feel On Baby (Instrumental Dub) 6:31
 She Was Hot
23-1She Was Hot 4:44
23-2I Think I'm Going Mad 4:23
 Too Tough / Miss You
24-1Too Tough 3:50
24-2Miss You 3:36
 Harlem Shuffle
25-1Harlem Shuffle 3:26
25-2Had It With You 3:20
25-3Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix) 6:36
25-4Harlem Shuffle (London Mix) 6:22
 One Hit (To The Body)
26-1One Hit (To The Body) 4:10
26-2Fight 3:11
26-3One Hit (To The Body) (London Mix) 7:03
 Mixed Emotions
27-1Mixed Emotions 4:04
27-2Fancyman Blues 4:55
27-3Mixed Emotions (Chris Kimsey's 12") 6:14
27-4Tumbling Dice 3:45
27-5Miss You 3:37
 Rock And A Hard Place
28-1Rock And A Hard Place 4:12
28-2Cook Cook Blues 4:13
28-3Rock And A Hard Place (Dance Mix) 6:55
28-4Rock And A Hard Place (Oh - Oh Hard Dub Mix) 6:56
28-5Rock And A Hard Place (Michael Brauer Mix) 7:07
28-6Rock And A Hard Place (Bonus Beats Mix) 4:10
28-7Emotional Rescue 5:37
28-8Some Girls 4:38
28-9It's Only Rock 'N Roll 5:08
28-10Rocks Off 4:31
 Almost Hear You Sigh
29-1Almost Hear You Sigh 4:37
29-2Break The Spell 3:07
29-3Wish I'd Never Met You 4:44
29-4Mixed Emotions 4:03
29-5Beast Of Burden 4:27
29-6Angie 4:32
29-7Fool To Cry 5:06
29-8Miss You 3:37
29-9Waiting On A Friend 4:35
30-1Terrifying (7" Remix) 4:11
30-2Rock And A Hard Place (7" Version) 4:10
30-3Terrifying (12" Remix) 6:56
30-4Rock And A Hard Place (Dance Mix) 6:55
30-5Harlem Shuffle (London Mix) 6:21
30-6Wish I'd Never Met You 4:42
30-7Harlem Shuffle (LP Version) 3:24
31-1Highwire 3:47
31-22000 Light Years From Home (Live) 3:29
31-3Highwire (Full Length Version) 4:44
31-4Sympathy For The Devil (Live) 5:24
31-5I Just Want To Make Love To You (Live) 4:03
31-6Play With Fire (Live) 3:31
31-7Factory Girl (Live) 2:35
 Ruby Tuesday (Live)
32-1Ruby Tuesday (Live) 4:14
32-2Play With Fire (Live) 3:21
32-3You Can't Always Get What You Want (Live) 7:06
32-4Undercover Of The Night (Live) 4:11
32-5Rock And A Hard Place (Live) 5:14
32-6Harlem Shuffle (Live) 4:04
32-7Winning Ugly VI (London Mix) 7:54
33-1Sexdrive (Single Edit) 4:30
33-2Undercover Of The Night (Live) 4:17
 Love Is Strong
34-1Love Is Strong (Album Version) 3:49
34-2The Storm 2:45
34-3So Young 3:22
34-4Love Is Strong (Bob Clearmountain Remix) 3:49
34-5Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Radio Remix) 4:08
34-6Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Remix) 5:05
34-7Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Extended Rock Remix) 4:49
34-8Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Dub Remix) 4:07
34-9Love Is Strong (Joe The Butcher Club Mix) 5:25
34-10Love Is Strong (Teddy Riley Instrumental) 4:47
 You Got Me Rocking
35-1You Got Me Rocking 3:37
35-2Jump On Top Of Me 4:24
35-3You Got Me Rocking (Perfecto Mix) 5:03
35-4You Got Me Rocking (Sexy Disco Dub Mix) 6:16
35-5You Got Me Rocking (Trance Mix) 4:59
 Out Of Tears
36-1Out Of Tears (Don Was Edit) 4:22
36-2I'm Gonna Drive 3:42
36-3Out Of Tears (Bob Clearmountain Remix Edit) 4:21
36-4So Young 3:23
36-5Sparks Will Fly (Radio Clean Version) 3:15
 I Go Wild
37-1I Go Wild (LP Version) 4:22
37-2I Go Wild (Scott Litt Remix) 4:36
37-3I Go Wild (Live) 6:31
37-4I Go Wild (Luis Resto Straight Vocal Mix) 5:41
 Like A Rolling Stone
38-1Like A Rolling Stone (Album Version) 5:38
38-2Black Limousine 3:28
38-3All Down The Line 4:25
38-4Like A Rolling Stone (Edit) 4:21
 Anybody Seen My Baby?
39-1Anybody Seen My Baby? (LP Edit) 4:08
39-2Anybody Seen My Baby? (Soul Solution Remix Edit) 4:24
39-3Anybody Seen My Baby? (Armand's Rolling Steelo Mix) 10:29
39-4Anybody Seen My Baby? (Soul Solution Remix) 9:30
39-5Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll) 5:59
39-6Anybody Seen My Baby? (Album Version) 4:32
 Saint Of Me
40-1Saint Of Me (Radio Edit) 4:11
40-2Anyway You Look At It 4:21
40-3Gimme Shelter (Live) 6:53
40-4Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Remix Parts 1 & 2) 13:35
40-5Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Garage Dub) 7:26
40-6Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Rolling Dub) 7:18
40-7Anybody Seen My Baby? (Bonus Roll) 6:01
40-8Anybody Seen My Baby? (Phil Jones Remix) 4:26
40-9Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Club Mix) 7:30
40-10Saint Of Me (Deep Dish Grunge Dub) 7:24
40-11Saint Of Me (Todd Terry Extended Remix) 5:57
 Out Of Control
41-1Out Of Control (Album Radio Edit) 3:48
41-2Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Radio Edit) 4:33
41-3Out Of Control (Bi-Polar At The Controls) 5:13
41-4Out Of Control (Bi-Polar Outer Version) 5:12
41-5Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Instrumental) 5:55
41-6Out Of Control (In Hand With Fluke Full Version) 8:28
41-7Out Of Control (Bi-Polar's Fat Controller Mix) 5:24
41-8Out Of Control (Saber Final Mix) 5:44
 Don't Stop
42-1Don't Stop (Edit) 3:31
42-2Don't Stop (New Rock Mix) 4:03
42-3Miss You (Remix) 8:34
 Streets Of Love / Rough Justice
43-1Streets Of Love 5:11
43-2Rough Justice 3:11
 Rain Fall Down
44-1Rain Fall Down ( Remix) 4:06
44-2Rain Fall Down (Radio Edit) 4:02
44-3Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Radio Edit) 4:04
44-4Rain Fall Down (Ashley Beedle's 'Heavy Disco' Vocal Re-Edit) 6:11
 Biggest Mistake
45-1Biggest Mistake 4:08
45-2Dance (Pt. 1) (Live) 6:03
45-3Before They Make Me Run (Live) 3:56
45-4Hand Of Fate (Live) 4:03
F I L E S O N I C | R A P I D S H A R E | F I L E S E R V E