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Syd Barrett - An Introduction to Syd Barrett

Syd Barrett: An Introduction to Syd Barrett
iTunes LP | m4a 320kbps | HQ Covers + Libretto | 3 CD | 900 MB
Progressive Rock

There have been a number of Syd Barrett compilations but, remarkably, 2010’s An Introduction to Syd Barrett is the first to combine Pink Floyd material with his solo recordings, so it truly provides an introduction in a way no previous collection has. It’s possible to quibble that there are a few Floyd songs that should have made it here -- mostly selections from The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, including “Astronomy Domine” and “Lucifer Sam,” but this favors the non-LP early singles “Arnold Layne,” “See Emily Play,” and “Apples and Oranges,” which do point the way toward such solo cuts as “Octopus,” “Baby Lemonade,” “Terrapin,” “Gigolo Aunt,” and “Effervescing Elephant,” all present and accounted for here. Some may also quibble about inclusions of new mixes for “Here I Go," “Octopus,” “She Took a Long Cool Look,” “Dominoes,” and “Matilda Mother,” preferring the original mixes, but these new mixes don’t call attention to themselves nor do they detract from the first disc to provide a strong, concise introduction to Barrett’s twisted genius.
To many fans, the words "Pink Floyd" evoke first the classic prism of Dark Side of the Moon, then the great warring egos of Roger Waters and David Gilmour. If there were any justice, the brilliant madness of Syd Barrett should come somewhere in between. Too many times his work has served as little more than a sad footnote in rock history, and perhaps this new compilation will change that.
For the uninitiated, Barrett was the original frontman for Pink Floyd and held lead writing duties for their debut, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Stories are conflicting as to the exact nature of the conflict, but by the release of their second album his erratic behaviour lead him to be expelled from the band. An Introduction To... is unique among the handful of Barrett retrospectives in that it collects material from his Floyd-era work as well as from his solo albums Madcap Laughs and Barrett. The hardcore will probably balk at some of the omissions to the track list ("Golden Hair" and "Interstellar Overdrive" in particular), but for the most part it contains his best work, with a particular focus on his vocals. Listening to the collection from start to finish is an illuminating experience, the chronological listing charts his transition from rock hero to enigmatic and darkly comic singer, and this is the album's biggest strength.
For its biggest weakness, look no further than the album cover. This collection has the unusual title of "Executive Producer: David Gilmour" stuck the front of it, and while this might help attract fans of Gilmour's solo work it will almost certainly discourage everyone else. This isn't to say that he did a bad job, far from it, the remastered version of "Arnold Layne" and new stereo mix of "Apples and Oranges" are both excellent, and if the Piper 40th anniversary collection didn't exist (and if you're at all a Pink Floyd fan that is a must-own) then those would almost be worth the sticker price alone. The problem is that while the lush, slick production Gilmour is famous for works in the context of the Floyd songs, it seems unnecessary, even inappropriate when applied to Barrett's solo work. His two albums are the very antithesis of the bloated, overproduced mess that Floyd became, and part of the joy of listening to Syd Barrett is the rough edges.
Video An Introduction to Syd Barrett - iTunes LP
1 Arnold Layne 2:54
2 See Emily Play 2:52
3 Apples and Oranges 3:04
4 Matilda Mother (Alternative Version) [2010 Mix] 3:58
5 Chapter 24 3:39
6 Bike 3:22
7 Terrapin 5:03
8 Love You 2:26
9 Dark Globe 1:59
10 Here I Go (2010 Remix) 3:19
11 Octopus (2010 Mix) 3:54
12 She Took a Long Cool Look (2010 Mix) 1:47
13 If It's In You 2:24
14 Baby Lemonade 4:08
15 Dominoes (2010 Mix) 4:05
16 Gigolo Aunt 5:43
17 Effervescing Elephant 1:52
18 Bob Dylan Blues 3:09
19 Rhamadan (2010 Mix) 20:09

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