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2-DVD setによる映像集(J.Pageの少年時代~1972年)。
以降から解散までの後半映像はこちら  Vol.2

全てを照合してるわけではありませんが(ど変態ではないのでスルつもりも無く)、PARIS TV,Supershow,Beat Club,Royal Albert Hallモノ等、今となっては既にOfficial Release若しくは他Bootとして出回っている映像が含まれています。

Title :
       Led Zeppelin / Early Visions(The Best of Led Zeppelin Clips Volume one)
Location :
Label :
       Celebration CDVD003AB
Length :
       195 Min
       NTSC 4:3 MPEG-2
       LPCM / MPEG-1 or 2
Rating :

SetList:Disc 1

1. J.Page (Huw Wheldon Show BBC TV 1957)
画像 Mama Don't Want To Skiffle Anymore
It is a very beautiful image!!

2. Yardbirds featuring J.Page (Bouton Rouge, France TV 1967)
画像 Train Kept a Rollin'
 Dazed and Confused
 Goodnight Sweet Josefine
It is a excellent image.

3. Communication Breakdown (JAPANESE TV 1969)
画像From MTV re-broadcast that the film broadcast in 1969.
It is very clear ( It is the most beautiful in my having seen).

4. Dazed and Confused (Supershow Live at Stains, England March 25, 1969)

5. Danish TV (1969)
画像 Communication Breakdown
 Dazed and Confused
 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
 How Many More Times
It is an excellent image.
(This is beautiful No. 1, while being put on the market until now) It is
regrettable that the picture is behind sound for about one second.

6. Tous En Scene (PARIS TV 1969)
画像 Communication Breakdown
 Dazed and Confused

7. Whole Lotta Love (Germany promotion Beat Club 1969)

8. Texas International Pop Festival 16mm (1969)
画像 You Shook Me
 Dazed and Confused
 How Many More Times

9. Royal Albert Hall alternate version (1970)
画像 We're Gonna Groove
 I Can't Quit You
 Communication Breakdown
 Long Tall Sally / Move On Down The Line / Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
 Something Else
 I Can't Quit You
It is very regrettable that the image is carrying out
right-and-left reversal from the middle.

SetList:Disc 2

1. Royal Albert Hall (1970)
画像 We're Gonna Groove
 I Can't Quit You
 White Summer / Black Mountain Side
 Whole Lotta Love
 Communication Breakdown
 C'mon Everybody
 Long Tall Sally
It is very clear color ( It is the most beautiful in my having seen).
The sound is super excellent soundboard !! It's Great !!

2. J.Page (Julie Felix Show 1970)
画像 White Summer / Black Mountain Side
An image is not so good.

3. Honolulu 8mm (1970)
画像 Immigrant Song
 Communication Breakdown
An image and sound are not correct at all.
But, the sound of an excellent audience of those days is reproduced.

4. J.Page and R.Plant (NY City press conference 1970)
画像It is very clear color.
The background sound is Bring It On Home.

5. Montreux footages 8mm (1971)
画像It's very clear color film.
The appearance of the fan who waits for commencement of a performance,
and the situation of a member's dressing room are stored.

6. Los Angeles 8mm (INGLEWOOD FORUM 1971)
画像It's great!!
The following music is live recording from audience of those days.

7. Sydney (Feb 27, 1972)
画像 Whole Lotta Love
 rock and Roll
 Let's Have a Party
 (Press Party Interview in Sydney)

8. Amsterdam 8mm (Hard Rock Heaven 1972)
画像 Immigrant Song
It is very clear ( It is the most beautiful in my having seen).
Of course, It is better than Visualize vol.1 (by Tarantura VTR).

9. San Bernardino 8mm (June 22, 1972)
画像 Heartbreaker
 Stairway to Heaven
 Dazed and Confused
 Rock and Roll
A color image and sound are audience recording of those days.

Jimmy Page guitar
Robert Plant vocals
John Paul Jones bass
John Bonham drums

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