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Kula Shaker - K (1996) (2xCD)

Kula Shaker - K (1996) (2xCD)EAC | FLAC IMG+CUE+LOG | Scans | RAR 3% Recovery | 427 MB
Alternative Rock / Indie Rock / Psychedelic Rock | 1996 Columbia Records #CK 67822

By the mid-'90s, most bands had abandoned the sounds and sensibilities of late-'60s psychedelia, which is what makes Kula Shaker's debut album, K, such a weird, bracing listen. The band doesn't simply revive the swirling guitar and organ riffs of psychedelia, it embraces the mysticism and Eastern spirituality that informed the music. On both "Tattva" and "Govinda," lead singer Crispian Mills has adapted portions of Sanskrit text for the lyrics, chanting Indian mantras without a hint of embarrassment. Similarly, Kula Shaker are unashamed about their devotion to Hendrix, Traffic, and the Beatles, cutting their traditionalist tendencies with an onslaught of volume, overdriven guitars, and catchy melodies -- though they have a song called "Grateful When You're Dead," all of their psychedelic sensibilities derive from British rock, not the more experimental American counterpart. Kula Shaker may play well -- they have a powerful rush that makes you temporarily forget how classicist their music actually is -- but they still have trouble coming up with hooks. About half the record ("Hey Dude," "Tattva," "Govinda," "Grateful When You're Dead") has strong melodies, while the rest just rides by on the band's instrumental skills. Consequently, much of K doesn't stick around once the record is finished, but the singles remain excellent blasts of colorful neo-psychedelia. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine,

Tracklist CD1:1. Hey Dude
2. Knight On The Town
3. Temple Of Everlasting Light
4. Govinda
5. Smart Dogs
6. Magic Theatre
7. Into The Deep
8. Sleeping Jiva
9. Tattva
10. Grateful When You're Dead/Jerry Was There
11. 303
12. Start All Over
13. Hollow Man Parts 1 & 2

Tracklist CD2:1. Tattva (Lucky 13 Mix)
2. Dance In Your Shadow
CD2 was only 43mb. So, I included it with CD1 to save on the number of download links.

Part 1
Part 2

Part 1
Part 2

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