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Big Jack Johnson With the Cornlickers - Katrina

Bitrate: 320K/s
Time: 74:49
Size: 171.3 MB
Label: Big Jack Music
Styles: Delta blues, Louisiana blues
Year: 2009
Art: Front

[6:01] 1. Fourth of July
[3:44] 2. Stop Pushin' On Me
[6:22] 3. Katrina
[6:17] 4. Miss Statue of Liberty
[7:18] 5. Goin' Down to Big Red's
[2:24] 6. The Laughin' Blues
[8:13] 7. Po' Cow Boogie
[5:09] 8. Ain't Gonna Do It No More
[6:35] 9. Red Car
[6:02] 10. The Cryin' Blues
[7:22] 11. Gettin' Old Mister Ellis
[9:15] 12. It's All Gone

"Katrina" is Big Jack's most recent recording and is his self confessed musical "tribute to the land, people and spirit of Mississippi" to which Jack draws so much of his inspiration from.

From the joyful redemption party atmosphere of "Ain't Gonna Do It No More" to the traditional mandolin beauty of "Po' Cow Boogie" and "It's All Gone" to the low down lament of "Katrina" (the "meanest storm the world ever seen"..) to Lowell Fulsom's "Too Many Drivers" theme reworked as the relentless shuffle of "Red Car", this is one of Jack's strongest recordings to date! "The Cryin' Blues" and "The Laughin' Blues" explore both sides of human emotion while displaying the simple brilliance and range of the blues to convey those emotions. These two songs also illustrate Jack's uncanny ability to tap into and convey his emotions. They are a lesson in finding the blues in the everyday emotions of us all.

This new recording is his first that was recorded exactly as HE wanted-- not playing to the demands or directions of a record label but instead to his own vision. It is pure Big Jack Johnson and will have you jumping for joy!


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