domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

Henry Johnson - The Union County Flash !

The Union County referred to in the title of this LP is in South Carolina, and that's where Henry Johnson was born and lived (and died in 1974). This album was made in 1972 and I believe is his only recording under his own name (part of a concert appearance showed up on a Flyright LP in 1973, and he did an album with Peg Leg Sam as well).
His voice is smooth and clear and a pleasure to listen to. He's proud of his guitar playing and shows it off frequently by extending each song with guitar choruses. His nickname was Rufe, and RUFE'S IMPROMPTU RAG is an instrumental. He plays a varied program: blues, rags, folk songs (JOHN HENRY), even gospel pieces. Best on the LP is his version of CROW JANE, a perfect blend of his singing and guitar accompaniment (it's an 8-bar blues).
Also available on CD that is out of print but still can be easily found.

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