sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2011

Champion Jack Dupree - And His Blues Band

Recorded in London by Mike Vernon in 1967 featuring Mickey Baker on guitar. Mickey been the red line in the last three postings of New York Blues and R&B from the fifties - sixties.
Sorry to say this is a really scratched up lp but I've done my best to clean it up and the music is well worth it.
1LISTENThird Degree 3:18
2LISTENT.V. Mama 3:39
3LISTENHe Knows the Rules 2:45
4LISTENAin't It a Shame 4:28
5LISTENOoh La-La 3:42
6LISTEN(Going Down To) Big Leg Emma's 3:17
7LISTENWon't Be a Fool No More 3:59
8LISTENTake It Slow and Easy 3:39
9LISTENShe's All in My Life 2:11
10LISTENPoor Poor Me 4:29


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