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Radar Men From The Moon - Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones (2011)

Radar Men From The Moon - Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones (2011)EAC Rip | FLAC, CUE+LOG | 297 MB | Full Scans (300dpi) | Wupload/ Filesonic
Instrumental/ Space/ Stoner Rock | Self-released

Instrumental space/post/stoner rock band from the Netherlands, for fans of 35007, Secret Saucer, Farflung, Mother-Unit, Astrosoniq,...

'Radar Men From The Moon': an old scifi b-movie & a fresh space rock band from the Netherlands. I originally found this gem through a site called, they have an excellent selection of Bandcamp picks over there (from indie to space & stoner rock), check it out.

With Radar Men From The Moon they had me on 'instrumental space/post/stoner rock'. Something that describes this Dutch band perfectly. We all know by now what to expect when it comes to the Netherlands & space rock (35007, Gomer Pyle, Het Droste Effect, Astrosoniq, Mother-Unit,..), these guys are no exception. Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones is RMFTM's debut album & a highly impressive one in it's kind. A laid-back, fuzzy, warm, hypnotic & intergalactic trip, any fan of space/ psychedelic/ desert rock should give it a chance!

I'm still surprised these guys are so hidden (only 70 listeners on I decided to contact the band & give these wonderful tunes some exposure on here (and special thanks to the Radar Men for the sweet review copy). So here it is for all to hear, a 46 minute hidden treasure of jammin' space rock, get this & spread the word!
1. Space Colonists (9:32)
2. The Wire (9:22)
3. Intergalactic Dada & Space Trombones (9:46)
4. The People Who Stay On The Earth Will Explode (9:17)
5. Moonjuice (8:38)

Tony Lathouwers - drums, synths, samples
Jan-Titus Verkuijlen - bass
Glenn Peeters - guitar, artwork

Recorded by Gijs de Louw & RMFTM
Mixed & Mastered by Bob de Wit
Wupload Download
Part 1
Part 2

Filesonic Download
Part 1
Part 2

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