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Arrigo Barnabé - 1984 Tubarões Voadores

Arrigo Barnabé is a Brazilian actor, composer and musician. He was born in 1951 and released his first album, Clara Crocodilo in 1980. During the seventies, he played in multiple festivals and TV shows. His music could easily be described as avant-garde rock. It should also appeal to fans of Zeuhl.
In 1983, he composed the original motion soundtrack for the movie Janete. He also composed music for the movies Estrela nua, Santa Joana and Vera. He was awarded for all these soundtracks. Between these projects (in 1984), he released his second album, Tubarões voadores, and another one in 1986 named Cidade oculta. In 1988, he composed another movie soundtrack, Lua cheia, and was awarded again. His fourth album was released in 1992, and was called Façanhas. He made a play for Jazz Orchestra, rock band and string quartet, Nunca conheci quem tivesse levado porrada, which was presented in 1994 in Sao Paulo. He released another soundtrack in 1997, Ed Mort.
His unique work in the Brazilian music, including characteristics of compositions like twelve-tone atonality, also called dodecaphonism, made contemporary classical and popular music in the nineties fit together and be a whole.

Tracks :
1. Tubarões Voadores
2. Crotalus Terrificus
3. Neide Manicure, Pedicure
4. Kid Supérfluo, o Consumidor Implacavel
5. Papai Não Gostou
6. A Europa Curvou-se Ante o Brasil
7. Lenda
8. Mistica
9. Mirante
10. Canção do Astronauta Perdido

Line-up :
Arrigo Barnabé and guests.
Studio Album, released in 1984


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